We know our customers love the TrotTracker but we felt it needed improving to make it easier to keep track of your horses.


TrotTracker change owners and changes its name to Horsetracker and comes in new and improved versions. You can pre-order on very favorable terms. Contact Beate at beate@horsetracker.eu

Based on Trot Tracker which is a well-known unit with a good market share and is a unit that the customers within Trav want. Some minor changes in functionality that customers demand. As Bluetooth implementation is required, a new round of testing on the new hardware is required.

Galop Tracker

Software that is adjusted to work against gallop, is somewhat tested and has great interest as there is no similar in today’s market. This is a new market that we are opening up. Expected sales are somewhat difficult to say for a market analysis of any kind is underlying. But the market is 6-7 times as big as the Trotting market.


Distance rider Tracker

Distance riding is a growing sport, and it is an after-sport a watch they can use for this. There is some test software made up against this software, and there is great interest in trying it out.

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Why Choose Us

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Gives you trotting time at all times.

Takes care of information

The clock stores the last 10 intervals

Measure your speed

Approved for races. Shows speed and distance


Kind words by clients

“It is ideal to use in training. I use it every day. I now have certainty.about speed and distance It is a good tool that helps me all my best recommendations for Horsetracker.”
Erik Bondo
“It is fantastic and gives an accurate display of the speed when I train. On Grobio's many courses it shows its fantastic properties and there the average speed is a good help”
Anders Lindqvist

Are you going to pre-order and help us with the development?

TrotTracker is a popular aid for us who train horses, but it has potential for improvement. Therefore, we have bought the rights to the product, put the production to Mectro in Horten where the circuit board for the brain is also produced. We have changed our name to Horsetracker, and want contact with active people who can help us and test and further develop the watch. Are you one of those who will help us?


Horsetracker is produced in Norway. Manufacturer is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Great resources are invested in ensuring that the production processes are optimal, in addition we use AOI and Røntgen machine to weed out any process errors.

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